What is visual Identity?

What is visual identity

What is Visual Identity?


Visual Identity or Corporate Identity is a face of the brand. The mark of recognition on the market.

The visual / corporate identity features are a recognizable style first of all that is the starting point for the entire graphic solution, ie logo, corporate material such as business cards and memorandum, and then promotional materials of flyers, billboards, posters, brochures etc …

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Visual identity is of great importance, thru it we approach to the company / brand clients, so we identify ourselves in the market, thus gaining competitive advantage on the market and making the difference between us and the competition visually, ie the image.

The company’s visual identity is a set of all visual and physical characteristics of a product, a sign of recognition.

Through the visual identity of the company, the impression is given to the clients, therefore it is very important that this impression be positive and unforgettable. At first glance be sure that you are the ones they need and whom they can trust.

Competition on the market has never been higher, decide on the right step. Improve your visual identity today and stand out from a similar competition directly to the top of your business! 

Dizajnar offers you both business and accompanying promotional material design, which will provide you with a secure position and perception at the very top of your business.

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