Top 15 Word Free Resume Design


Top 15 Word Free Resume Design


Want to have a professionally designer Resume that will attract the attention of the employer and leave a positive impression only on the basis of visual appearance and do not know how to use programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator?

Do not worry, the Dizajnar provides you with a list of 15 FREE professionally designed CV templates that you just need to download to your computer and then change the information in Microsoft Word, and boom! Your professional CV will be finished in 15 minutes without any knowledge of the photoshop or illustrator programs!

If you do not even know the knowledge of microsoft word, we suggest you watch several “How To” tutorials on youtube.

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Pa hajdemo početi sa top listom:

1) Free Resume Design / Corporate Look

2) Design Sky Limit

3) Free Resume Design / Creative

4) Free Resume Design / Elegant

5) Free Resume Design / Professional

6) Design Green Office

7) Design Bright Girl

8) Design Bright Boy

9) Design Hard Blue

10) Design Masculine

11) Free Resume Design / Less is More

12) Design Timeless

13) Free Resume Design / Clean

14) Free Resume Design / Pure

15) Design / The Executive

We hope that this top list of free CV designs will help you to be more noticeable when applying for the desired job, the rest is on you.

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