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Dizajnar in cooperation with DREN® Company  (the leader in the field of intellectual property protection in Serbia) offers a design searches in protected trademark databases, both in Serbia and in the region and in the world (according to your wishes). Unlike other agencies, Dizajnar offers you 100% security that your logo design is authentic, and that there is no similar or same logo / trademark / mark on the market.

If you decide to include the search in the already selected logo creation package, them of DREN® Company  will check each of our design solutions before being sent to you for review, more precisely, the examples of the logo that will be sent to your review will be 100% unique.

You can order searches in trademark databases beyond the services and packages we offer, if you want to check if your logo / trademark is an authentic one, before investing money and time in a trademark protection process that can culminate in a refusal.

Searches serve to avoid the legal and financial consequences for you and your business, and then to safely protect your logo, both in the country and in the region and in the world.

  • 100% Authentic Logo
  • Without legal consequences
  • Without financial consequences

I Design Searches in protected trademarks databases

You can order searches in the design of protected trademark databases beyond or as an addition to our services at the specified price.

You can also look at our package offer that includes design searches.

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