I Logo Design

The logo provides the basis for the visual identity of the company, image and sign of recognition. Dizajnar is here to provide you with a stylish, top-quality logo design in a style that suits you, as well as the correction and modernization of an already existing logo or brand.

Logotype / Logo represents the visual pillar of a company and therefore it is important to clearly define the process of creating a logo and its application. Also, in the process of designing, communication between the client and the creative team of the Dizajnar is very important.

The Dizajnar team provides you with complete co-operation, so that, as our client, we have a complete insight into the flow of the project and how to get the so-called ‘feedback’ from you and thus achieve a permanent Good Logo Design.

I The Logotype Design Making Process

1. Choosing the right directions
In the first phase of the Logotype Design we send you a small questionnaire with questions about what you want to achieve with the logo and what style is right for you so that we get a clear picture of what you want to get. After this phase, the production process starts for up to 7 days.

2. Making proposals, selecting and performing audits
In the second phase, we enter the process of creating a logo proposal in accordance with the accepted guidelines. After selecting one of the proposals, it will be revised if necessary. The number of templates and revisions depends on the selected package.

3. Finalizing and delivering files
At this stage, we are completing the project. After selecting the right example and executing the necessary revisions if needed, we will send you files ready for print as well as for the Internet, and then You officially become the owner of your perfect logo.

Ored Your Logo Package


  • 2 Logo Proposals
  • Up to 2 revisions


  • 10 Logo Proposals
  • Up to 7 revisions
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